50x E-Commerce Revenue Growth

When I joined Andertons in 2009 as the second member of a fledgling digital marketing team, they were unconvinced that investing in online was much of a good idea.

Invest they did though, and before anyone had a chance to answer the question, we were whisked away on a dramatic growth curve which found the business experiencing growing pains which included two major warehouse moves in just a few short years.

During this time I have been entrusted with executing major technology implementation projects and building a team around me to service the evermore demanding, international e-commerce and digital marketing operation of what fundamentally remains a close-knit, family-run musical instrument store in Guildford!

The Andertons team led the way on online consumer finance, cultivated one of the most successful YouTube channels in our niche, and replatformed to IBM’s Websphere Commerce whilst retaining one of the best reputations for a retailer in our industry (and winning a few awards to prove it!)

Now, as Head of E-Commerce of a sixteen-person team, I’m proud to say that I have had a front row seat in Andertons’ exciting digital transformation and that, in a retail climate where even iconic names are prone to struggle, the business still continues to grow impressively year-on-year.