E-Commerce Replatforming

The biggest investment in Andertons’ digital history has been our recent re-platform to IBM Websphere Commerce on Cloud.

Previous to IBM we were on a largely-proprietary e-commerce platform which was becoming increasingly risky to retain and impossible to develop robustly in an agile manner.

The IBM project was the most visible piece of a major business transformation which also encompassed cultural changes and process overhaul to ensure our website meets the exceptional standards that customers expect from our brand.

During the re-platforming I was the primary stakeholder in Andertons trusted with delivering the solution. I filled a number of roles including specifying business requirements, managing the delivery partners, and doing anything that was required to get the new website live (which included everything from programme management and infrastructure provision, to data migration, testing and even a bit of the custom development).

From RFP to launch was a hectic sixteen months, and together we successfully made difficult scoping decisions to deliver the project on-time, and within just a few percent variance on the budget.

Eighteen months on, we are starting to round off the final elements of the wider transformation project, which includes implementing two Scrum development teams (one of which is an in-house team), allowing us to truly take ongoing control of our digital presence.