We went on holiday to Sicily in 2019 and hiked along the coast in the Zingaro Nature Reserve.

It was a stressful start to the walk with car parking being an issue. We entrusted our car to two boisterous, frankly quite scary, unofficial parking attendants who shouted at us in Italian.

We managed to relax and enjoy the beautiful Zingaro coastline. I’ve included a few extra pictures of the various coves, beaches and undulating hills.

Whilst admiring the view and eating lunch, this lizard appeared and became obsessed with a nectarine pip I had put down.

It was pretty small, perhaps 6-7cm long, and not wanting to scare it whilst it enjoyed its treat, I zoomed in as best I could to get this shot.

When we got back to the hire car, everything was fine. It had not been looted! The men even drove it out of the muddy field for us, which we did not want but they insisted!!