I had taken a lot of work on in 2016 to get a project discovery done prior to a long delivery in 2017. My boss (and this will probably never happen again) told me to go on holiday that he would pay for!

I found a package deal to go to Barcelona, he got his card out, and a couple of days later I decided that I didn’t really want to go to Barcelona by myself! So I bought a ticket for my mum, who was only too happy to get away for a few days.

We stayed in a hotel close to coast and Parc del Fòrum which seemed to be a 50/50 mish-mash of industrial port land and entertainment space.

In amongst the sand and concrete were a couple of modern, geometric structures, one of which was this massive solar panel (or Photovoltaic Pergola!) which covers an Esplanade on the way to a marina. A few hundred yards on were the bridge and the palm tree factory.