Another highlight of being in Sicily was an evening trip to the ancient city of Segesta, just inland from where we stayed at Castellammare del Golfo and 300-odd meters above sea level.

I got a few portraits of Annika which are among my favourite pictures of her so far. There are 3 in the same position and I largely can’t decide which I like best. I do seem to keep coming back to this one as the most dynamic, even though I haven’t got around to erasing the matey from the background yet.

The portrait was taken at the breathtaking Greek theatre which overlooks the valley. Open the gallery to see a panorama (which I also find pleasing despite only being a phone shot) of the area to get a sense of what it might be like to see a play here!

The other highlight in Segesta is the unfinished yet still-impressive temple. Taken in moodier light before the cloud cleared, evidently it was undergoing some maintenance or repair at the time with noticeable, supporting scaffolding.