Bernie Marsden – Here I Go Again (Solo Acoustic)

Published on 27th August 2023 in Music

Whitesnake guitarist Bernie Marsden sadly passed away a few days ago.

For several years, I have had a video uploaded to my personal YouTube channel of Bernie Marsden at The Boileroom in Guildford. It was from when I worked at Andertons and we hosted an event to promote PRS guitars with whom Bernie was affiliated.

Typically these events took the form of “an evening with” featuring talking, storytelling, Q&A, and a little live music, with an undercurrent of product promotion.

As the staff we’d usually take down a (cheapo) video camera and stills camera to show off that we’d had a star in our midst! However, in this case, I can only find two poor quality photos and the promo poster. The video, I believe, was actually taken by a punter and sent to us.

A promotional post from Andertons Music promoting an evening with the Guitarist Bernie Marsden on 14th March 2012 at the Boileroom in Guildford

Sandwiched between Bernie’s humble interaction with the audience is an acoustic rendition of Here I Go Again; arguably one of the most famous pieces of popular music to have ever existed.

For some reason or other I must have stumbled upon it and uploaded it to my YouTube channel to preserve it, but I don’t really know why I didn’t publish it publicly until – just one month ago – I spotted it in my list of videos marked as “private”.

I then didn’t see any reason not to publish what I feel is quite a unique capture of the song in front of a sub-200 audience, sung with passion by the man who wrote it.

And co-incidentally it was only one month later when the music community were to mourn his passing. When I heard, I shared the video with my old boss who passed it on to his wide-reaching community and I’m now delighted to see that it has been seen by many more people as a result.

One particularly lovely moment in the video is where Bernie’s telling the audience that the song has been recorded in “all sorts of different ways”:

Now, I have to tell you, Tom Cruise has just recorded it … People say, “can he sing?” I said, “do I care?!”

Lee went on to do more events and interviews with Bernie and I gather thought him to be a genuine and lovely man which is echoed in the tributes and obituaries.